How Far Will You Go For Your Favorite Drink?

My favorite champagne is Joseph Perrier and it’s not always easy to find. I like it so much that when visiting new territory, I will seek out establishments that carry it. So far this has been a successful approach. Each time I find that they menu compliments my personal palate. In Portland that’s how I found “The Heathman” (with a delicious brunch). Chicago’s “Erwins” staff introduced me to Joseph Perrier. They also host an incredible brunch (sadly they have now closed after many years of happy tummies). In San Francisco, I found “The Plumed Horse”.

A recent national survey by Wist, an app for food and drink recommendations, shows that men and women have surprisingly strong opinions about date-night drink orders.

What does your drink say about you? Truth be told, it depends on who is paying attention. What’s your favorite drink? Has it lead you to new establishments that you may not have otherwise known?

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