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How Far Will You Go For Your Favorite Drink?

My favorite champagne is Joseph Perrier and it’s not always easy to find. I like it so much that when visiting new territory, I will seek out establishments that carry it. So far this has been a successful approach. Each time I find that they menu compliments my personal palate. In Portland that’s how I found “The Heathman” (with a delicious brunch). Chicago’s “Erwins” staff introduced me to Joseph Perrier. They also host an incredible brunch (sadly they have now closed after many years of happy tummies). In San Francisco, I found “The Plumed Horse”. A recent national survey by Wist, an app for food and drink recommendations, shows that men and women have surprisingly strong opinions about date-night drink orders. What does your drink say about you? Truth be told, it depends on who is paying attention. What’s your favorite drink? Has it lead you...

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~The Expansion & Support of the Portland Entertainment District ~

At one point the Old Town neighborhood was referred to as the “Night Life District”. It’s not quite clear when the upgraded title of the “Portland Entertainment District” was awarded, or by whom. Most locals seem to have become familiar with the neighborhood’s new name after the pilot program for a pedestrian only “entertainment zone” was implemented on New Years Eve of 2012. Since then the permit has had to be renewed annually. The barricades are in place on Friday and Saturday nights from 10pm to 3am. Just last month the Oregonian reported that crime had dropped by 30 percent. Socialites are able to stroll between venues without fighting against traffic and the police presence supports safety overall. Bar owners have requested more stop signs and crosswalks for aid in traffic management. Last August the Portland Mercury reported that the OLCC began accepting applications for...

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Scooter Friendly City or Not? Portland Revises It’s Motorcycle/Scooter Licensing Policies

The Department of Motor Vehicles requires that a motorcycle endorsement be listed on your drivers license in order to ride a scooter or motorcycle legally in most states. In a city such as Portland Oregon, where the metro area boasts eight scooter/motorcycle shops within the city and considerably more within the suburban area… there’s not but one location that offers the training required for one to obtain a motorcycle endorsement. Otherwise one must drive to Beaverton, Troutdale or Oregon City for classes. The only “inner city” location is so far on the outskirts of the city, that it’s considered within the city limits only on technicality. Classes used to be offered within the inner city until the DMV began relinquishing the responsibility to a company called TEAM Oregon. Now that the city has officially ceased to offer classes, the public has no choice but to...

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Beat The Heat!

Visit Fifth Avenue Night Lounge for respite from a long day after boating or after enjoying any of Portland’s award winning gardens, parks or local attractions. When the temperature goes up in Portland you can count on Fifth Ave to cool you off. Salivate over “Avenue Ice Popsicles” & “Avenue Infused (Ice) Cube” creations while you unwind to the sounds of your local sound wave professional. With Spicy Bacardi Pineapple, Bacardi Peaches and Cream, or the Strawberry Kamikaze, there’s something for everyone. When we asked our regulars what their favorite Fifth Avenue drink selections were, the “AVE Martini” with Vanilla Vodka, lemon, sugar cube and ginger beer, and “The Portlandia”, our house made infusion of local spirits, citrus, and seasonal berries served on the rocks topped with light beer were in the top three responses. Few Portlanders would argue, cold beer always provides a happy...

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