Q?What Are Your Hours?

5th Avenue Lounge Hours
Sunday – Thursday: Closed
Friday – Saturday: 9pm – 3am

HAPPY HOUR : Fhursday – Saturday 9pm-10:30pm


Q?How Much Is It To Book A Table?
Since we have multiple lounge areas with different capacity limitations our prices vary based on location, however as a rule of thumb tables start at approx. $40 per person including beverages, food and gratuity. Please email us at VIP@fifthavenuelounge.com or text 5034873005 for table and large group inquiries.


Q?What Should I Wear? But Really… What Should I NOT Wear?
Graphic Tees (Let me elaborate. If you have a nice graphic tee shirt that is not offensive, cartoony, athletically branded or just plain ugly then we will allow it)
Hooded Sweatshirts or Vests
Athletic Shoes
Timberland Boots
Basketball Shoes (Yes even your Jordans that you spent $300 on)
Cargo Shorts
Cargo Pants
Cut Off Jean Shorts
Tank Tops
Wife Beaters
Ball Caps
Tube Tops
Anything Camo Print (Sorry Duck Dynasty)
Plain White Tees (the shirts not the band)
Any offensive print or un flattering apparel
Q?What Time Do We Get Busy?

 At night we get busy at 9:45 like clockwork. If you want to beat the rush and skip a line to get in, Id highly recommend getting down here for happy hour (which goes all the way till 9pm!)

Q?What Music Do We Play Each Night?

We play everything as long as its happy, people have heard of it before, and you can dance to it. Stay tuned as we are attempting to implement a live request line via twitter feed.

Q?Where Do I Find My Photos?

www.fifthavenuelounge.com/gallery Photos taken from the weekend typically take 2-3 business days before they are posted on that gallery

Q?Does Portland Have Bottle Service?

We do! We are unlike any other concept in Portland and do table side bottle service legally in the state of Oregon. This does mean that this is not like your typical Vegas bottle experience. The bottle must remained locked in a lock box whenever the server is not present to pour your drinks but have no fear, we bring the whole bar to you!